Episode 50: Courmayeur, Saint Luc & Goat Yoga

There’s a Swiss theme this week as Iain tests Jim on his Swiss summer knowledge, Jim rhapsodises about his trip to Saint Luc and Iain looks forward to his visit to Arosa and Andermatt.

We also find out which is the most average ski resort in the world and discover a national park in the French Pyrénées.

[This episode was recorded before Italy announced it was closing all ski resorts for the season.]

The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism for their support.

Show Notes

  • Congrats to us – this is Episode 50 of The Ski Podcast (although thanks to our one-off and Olympic Specials we’ve actually on no.66) (2:30)
  • Iain shares his concerns that people are not acknowledging climate change. It’s happening and that’s why he founded Ski Flight Free (3:15)
  • Jim put forward an excellent defence of Luchon’s decision to move snow by helicopter just prior to half term (3:45)
  • Mont Dore ski resort in France has gone into receivership (5:00)
  • The world’s first solar-powered drag lift is in Tenna, Switzerland (5:45)
  • Iain interviewed Les Arcs about their use of renewable energy in Episode 49 (7:30)
  • Jim visited Saint Luc in the Val d’Anniviers as part of his Magic Pass adventure (11:00)
  • Watch out, it gets a bit shouty as Jim gets onto the slopes! (16:30)
  • Jim went to Grimentz last winter (19:00)
Saint Luc, Switzerland
  • By the time of the next podcast, Iain will have been to Arosa and Andermatt, travelling by train via Paris and Basel (21:00)
  • The 31st Swiss Yodeller Festival are taking place this summer in Basel (23:00)
  • The chocolate fountain in the ‘Lindt Home of Chocolate’ in Zurich is 8m high! (24:00)
  • No, you can’t do ‘Cow Yoga’, but you can do ‘Goat Yoga‘ in the Engadin valley in Switzerland this summer (24:00)
  • Iain took a trek in the Pont d’Espagne national park organised by Acumpany.at during his recent visit to Cauterets in the French Pyrenees (26:00)
  • Jim continues his report from Bansko with an interview with Gary, representative for Balkan Holidays (29:00)
  • Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong is playing at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Zermatt (37:00)
  • Thanks to Jack Hennessy for his emailed review:

Really enjoyed listening to the pod on Spotify as a first timer!

  • Dave from Ifyouski.com explained why Courmayeur is the most average resort (40:00)
  • This pod was recorded before Courmayeur and Italy was closed due to Coronovirus (42:00)
  • Iain took part in the City Ski Championships in Courmayeur and was told to take a fall so the City boys could win (42:30)
  • Martina reports on her experiences of living in Courmayeur (44:30)
  • Martina runs The Ski Guru website (49:30)
  • Iain and Jim are reading ‘Aiming High’ the biography of Erna Low for Ski Book Group (58:00)
  • Iain interviewed the author Mark Frary and we’ll feature that in Episode 51 (58:30)
  • Would you like to win stuff? Give us a review on iTunes and we’ll include you in our competition to win stuff. Details coming soon in Episode 51

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