Electric Vehicles in Ski Resorts [Bonus Episode #08]

In conjunction with Ski Flight Free, this is a Ski Podcast Special all about Electric Vehicles in ski resorts.

Find out more about driving to the Alps and in ski resorts from four EV owners in the ski industry.

Iain was joined by Richard Sinclair (Sno.co.uk), Rob Forbes (CoolBus.co.uk), Al Judge (AliKats) and down the line by author Jonathan Trigell.


– Find out more about the Ski Flight Free campaign
– Up to 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions generated from a ski holiday come from your journey to resort
– According to the Ski Club of Great Britain 35% of skiers plan to drive to their ski holiday this winter (twice the numbers for last year)
– There are now 164,000 EVs in the UK
– Registrations for pure-EVs in 2020 to date are up 158% YOY
– You can find out more about Tesla vehicles here
– AliKats have a Renault Kangoo Z.E.

– Jon owns a Renault Twizy (and previously appeared in Episode 20)

– This page on the Sno website has some great advice about driving an EV to the Alps
– You can see the full Tesla charging map here
– Montagne Verte is an excellent community environmental organisation in Morzine

– President Macron has pledged green subsidies for France
– Excellent options for a family EV are the Hyundai Kona and Kia eNero
– Have a look at EV-Pow.com for fitting charging points in France (a great idea for a tour operator looking for a competitive advantage)

Enjoy your skiing this winter and if you do want to reduce your emissions, please remember to Ski Flight Free

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