How To Become A Pisteur [Bonus Episode #13]

In this Ski Podcast Special, Tom Greenall tells us how he qualified as a pisteur in France, allowing him to become one of the few Brits in the ski patrol.


  • Tom Greenall is founder of Idris Skis and ran a cat skiing operation in Japan for three years
  • The first qualification required is a Fleche Vermillion, which he passed on his second attempt
  • Glen Plake has been coming to Chamonix since 1987 (this will be the first winter he’s missed since then)
  • The Test Technique for the ski patrol took Tom four attempts: Puy St Vincent, then Chatel, Serre Chevalier and then finally passing at Puy St Vincent
  • The Premiere Secours Equipe Niveau 1 & 2 is the standard rescue industry first aid course
  • Tom’s Pisteur Course cost €3000 and took place in Les Orres
  • The course included knowledge of middle mountain environment; weather and snow awareness; Rules and Regulations; taking the PSE2 first aid to the ski patrol environment; sled (‘bloodwagon’ practice); avalanche practice
  • This concluded with exams on the two types of sled; an avalanche beacon search; a simple first aid case and a complex first aid case.
  • You can listen to our interview with the producers of ‘Ski A&E’ in Val Thorens in Episode 43

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