2022 ‘The Ski Podcast’ Survey Results

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our 2022 survey. This survey really helps when making decisions on understanding who our listeners are and what to include in the podcast.

There were so many kind and complimentary comments – 98% of you would recommend The Ski Podcast to friends. We’d love to list all the feedback, but there was just too much. However, you might find this summary of the results of interest.

Equality on the podcast, but not in listenership

Regular listeners may have noticed that for the last two years I have had at least one female guest on every podcast.

However, while I’m doing my best for representation, it turns out that a lot more of our listeners are men than women…

Our listeners are VERY experienced skiers

Perhaps it makes sense that those who want to listen to a whole podcast all about skiing and snowsports are among the most experienced on the mountain.

Our survey showed that 95% of listeners own their own boots and 78% own their own skis.

And you don’t just own that kit, you use it too…88% go skiing at least twice every winter.

How long should the podcast be?

While 63% of respondants were happy with episodes of an hour or more, a significant minority (37%) would prefer them to be 30 minutes.

With that in mind, we are currently experimenting with producing more episodes, but of a shorter length, so hopefully everyone will be happy!

You can’t please all the people, all the time…

In relation to what content listeners would prefer, it’s clearly impossible to please everyone. Almost 20% of respondents would like fewer snow reports, but 49% would like more; 17% would like less of a focus on unusual destinations, while 55% would like more.

What does seem clear is that we should be including more resort reviews (82% would like more) and equipment reviews (75%) and we will be working on this.

Congratulations to our winners

Chris Waters & Nicole Clarke were the winners of the Atomic goggles that were up for grabs. It was a completely random draw (proved by the fact that Nicole lives in Australia!)

We would like to thanks Atomic for providing these prizes.

More comments on what you’ve enjoyed…

“Hearing about athletes’ training and goals is inspiring”

“Dave Ryding interviews back in 2020, Graeme Bell (incredibly knowledgeable) and Chemmy as her enthusiasm is infectious”

“Love listening to ‘Mike The Snow'”

“Snow reports from podcast’s ‘permanent residents'”

“The episodes on the founders of Faction and Planks”

“Diane Palumbo from Skiworld – she was very honest and funny”

“The running report of taking the first snow train in years was superb.”

“The pieces by Al about equipment are possibly my favourites”

“I always enjoy it when Chemmy Alcott is on”

And general feedback…

“You do a fab job creating content with your guests”

“Love what you are doing promoting the ski industry and sustainable skiing”

“Less inane wittering from industry PR types please”

“I know it’s called the ski podcast, but I’d love the occasional snowboard feature”

“I’ve spent the past season as a rep and I’m pretty new to skiing and I love it. I learn a lot from this podcast and I appreciate the good work.”

And this one might be more difficult…

“Can you get Lindsey Vonn on?”

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