79: The new ‘Travelski Express’ Train, Expert Season Predictions & Ski Jobs Post-Brexit

In Episode 79, we discuss the latest testing & travel rules, reveal how the new direct snow train will operate and listen to industry experts’ predictions for season.

We also find out about Dynastar’s new 21/22 skis, meet the latest member of GB Snowsports squad and find out if you can still work overseas in a post-Brexit world.

Iain was joined by Alyn Morgan from SkiKitInfo.com and Christa Jackson, LDA resident and Area Manager for Eurocamp. 


  • You can ski right now in Saas Fee and Zermatt in Switzerland
  • Al was testing skis at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead
  • Christa last skied in Lauterbrunnen, Swizerland
  • PCR tests are being replaced for the fully vaccinated 
  • A Covid certificate may be required to ski in Switzerland, and possibly in Italy as well
  • The Pass Sanitaire will apply to children in France from 30 September, so children’s vaccinations in UK may become even more relevant
  • Austria have extended the max duration since full vaccination to 12 months from 270 days
  • According to figures from the NHS, less than 1.5% of red and amber list arrivals tested positive in the week between Aug 26 and Sep 01 
  • Iain spoke to the following contributors at the Ski Launch event in London about their predictions for this winter season: Cathy Rankin (P&V), Nick Morgan (Le Ski), James Gambrill (Ski Club of Great Britain), Doug Newman (Ski Weekend), Jane Bolton (Erna Low), Hannah Zajic (Austrian Tourist Board)
  •  Charlie Owen from SBiT has been on the podcast previously discussing post-Brexit recruitment in Episodes 8 and 20
  •  We featured Al’s review of Faction Dictator 3.0 in Episode 78 and discussed the Elan Voyager ski in Episode 71
  •  Read more about Dynastar’s range of skis for this winter on the SkiKitInfo website
  • Jon-allan Butterworth is a multiple Paralympic medal winner in cycling


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