179: The Aosta Valley in Italy & climate change’s impact on boardsports

In Episode 179, Iain was joined by guests Sam Haddad and Rob Rees, to finding out about skiing in the Aosta Valley in Italy and discuss the effect of the climate crisis on board sports. 


Sam was last on the show in Episode 157, our snowboard special (0:30)
Rob reported from the Bergisel Ski Jumping comp in Austria in Episode 167
Val d’Isere opened for summer skiing last weekend (4:45)
Alex Armand from Tip Tip Ski Coaching reported from Les 2 Alpes (5:00)

Steve Angus reported from Val d’Isère (5:45)
For more on skiing in Australia & NZ, listen to Episode 97 – the ‘Down Under’ special (9:00)
LISTEX Luxury took place in London in June 2023 (9:30)
Rob visited the Aosta Valley (10:00)
Resorts in the Aosta Valley include Courmayeur, La Thuile, Cervinia, Aosta/Pila, Champoluc and Monterosa

Rob stayed in Champoluc (15:00)
He then moved on to Cervinia (16:00)
Rob also skied in Pila, based in Aosta (17:00)
There are Roman ruins in Aosta (18:30)
Read about the possible Champoluc-Cervinia lift here (21:15)
Find out about the Alpine Green Experience offer (22:00)

Sam’s new Substack is called ‘Climate and Board Sports’ (25:00)
Lauren MacCallum from POW was on Episode 168 (27:15)
Al Judge from Montagne Verte was on our sustainability special (28:00)
Read Sam’s interview with Just Stop Oil protestors at a FIS event in Norway (28:30)

FIS athletes have been lobbying the organisation (32:00)
FIS have been accused of greenwashing (33:00)
The number of steps from the Mer de Glace has increased over the years (35:00)

Feedback (37:00)

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Adrian Cheeseman

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