182: Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

This is a special episode focusing on the ski resorts of Perisher (Australia’s largest ski resort) and Thredbo (Australia’s ‘Best Ski Resort’), plus we find out what it was like when the Tour de France passed through Les 3 Vallées last month.


Lucas Wilkinson has been skiing in Perisher for 34 years (1:30)
Perisher Valley, Smiggins Hole, Blue Cow joined in 1995 to form ‘Perisher’ (2:30)
Vail Resorts bought Perisher in 2015 (3:15)


The Epic Pass covers Perisher as well as Victoria’s Fall Creek and Hotham ski resorts (4:30)
Proposals to expand the resort have been under discussion for many years (7:00)
The ‘Ski Tube’ links the valley floor with Perisher (8:45)

The Ski Tube

Perisher has 165 snow cannons for 65km of pistes (10:30)
The season in Australia typically runs from June to October (12:00)
Kirsty Muir and Mia Brookes are both training in Perisher in 2023 (13:00)
Jen Mooney is the general manager of ‘The Man from Snowy River Hotel’ (15:30)
The hotel opened in 1960 (17:00)
‘The Man from Snowy River’ is a poem by Banjo Patterson (19:30)
Sunrise viewed from ‘The Man’ is pretty special (23:00)

Ritchie Carroll is Brand and Marketing Manager at Thredbo (23:30)
Sophie Leicester is PR and Content Manager at Thredbo
Thredbo offers a special backcountry ski pass (25:15)


It’s the only resort in Australia to have a gold ‘Earth Check’ accreditation in Australia (27:00)
The Thredbo Alpine Coaster is scheduled to open in 2024 (29:15)

You can see Reggae Ellis’ snowreports at Snowatch (32:00)
The Tour de France came to Les 3 Vallées on July 19 (38:45)
Thanks to Alex from 150 Days of Winter and Rich from Lodge du Village for their reports


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