175: Behind the Scenes at ‘Ski Sunday’ with Chemmy Alcott

In Episode 175, we go behind the scenes at BBC’s ‘Ski Sunday’ with presenter Chemmy Alcott. We discuss unscrewing 100-year-old skis from a wall so she could try them out on snow, wanting to go grass skiing with Dave Ryding and what’s it’s like taking on a downhill course a decade after you’re retired from racing. 

We also discuss the many, MANY injuries she suffered over her 20-year racing career.


Chemmy helped celebrate the centenary of Ladies Ski Club in Murren in February (03:00)
Chemmy interviewed Dave Ryding in Austria last summer (09:00)
Dave Ryding had a gondola named after him in Kitzbuhel (10:00)
Dave is a very fast Parkrun runner (13:30)

Watch out for Chemmy’s feature on Ski Joering next winter (14:45)
Watch Chemmy’s Meribel downhill run here (15:30)

The run took place at the Courchevel Meribel 2023 World Ski Championships
Chemmy took part in ‘Dancing on Ice’ in 2012 (22:30)

Chemmy’s injuries include a dislocated jaw, broken neck, broken back, broken ribs, groin tears, two ACLs, compound tibia/fibula fracture and a broken ankle (24:30)

Find out more about the Ski Mojo (30:45)
The new Ski Mojo designs (35:00)

This blog looks at the value you can get from the Ski Mojo (37:30)
Tignes is great in summer for families (38:45)
Tim Warwood travelled to Scotland for a Ski Sunday feature last winter (39:00)

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