Skiing in Afghanistan [Bonus Episode #15]

In this Special Episode of The Ski Podcast, Iain speaks to James Willcox, founder of Untamed Borders, about skiing in Afghanistan and the Afghan Ski Challenge. 


  • This is Untamed Borders’ 11th ski season guiding skiers in Afghanistan 
  • They have taken skiers to the Panjshir Valley, Badakhshan in the far North East and the Salang Pass that links Kabul to Mazar e Sharif
  • Bamian remains best place due to good security and awesome scenery
skiing in afghanistan - afghan ski challenge
  • You can listen to Iain’s interview with Battleface CEO Sasha Gainullin in Episode 68
  • Battleface will offer you insurance for trips to countries such as Afghanistan when travel is not recommended
  • Find out about the Afghan Ski Challenge here, which started in 2011
  • Watch footage from 2019 Afghan Ladies Ski Challenge and boys’ wooden ski race:
skiing in afghanistan

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