Olympics Chat with Graham Bell & Emily Sarsfield [Bonus Episode #21]

This episode was recorded in September 2021 at the ‘Ski Launch’ event in London. Iain hosted this special panel with Olympians Graham Bell and Emily Sarsfield.

Please note that the sound quality on this broadcast is not ideal. This is not typical of The Ski Podcast (have a listen to our other 100+ episodes), but having played a clip in Episode 80, listeners asked to hear more – hence this special episode.

Topics discussed include:

– What snow conditions can athletes expect at Beijing 2022?
– What will the Covid regulations be?
– How does that compare to Tokyo 2020 and what was the experience of working there a a broadcaster like?
– What impact will all the changes have on the athlete experience?
– How do athletes deal with adversity, such as when they are injured?
– How are Team GB persuading athletes from other countries (such as Charlotte Bankes and Gus Kenworthy) to join the team?
– What other athletes are crossing over from other sports to join?

Listen to our Ski Podcast Special with Jon-Allan Butterworth here:

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