Episode 78: Mountaineering & Mountain Biking, National Snow Show plus Faction Skis

In Episode 78, we discuss the new National Snow Show coming up next month, summer activities in the mountains like e-biking, mountaineering and trail running, plus we talk to Tony McWilliam, founder of Faction Skis.

Iain was joined by Stephen Morgan, MD at Raccoon Events, and mountaineer Olivia Jane, with contributions from Alyn Morgan at SkiKitInfo and Katie Crowe from Battleface Travel Insurance.



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Roddy MacDonald: “Enjoy the podcast, keeping the faith for the upcoming season both abroad and here in Scotland”

Jon White: “I am enjoying your chats with everyone from ‘back in the day’ when I was in the industry”

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As we get nearer the season, we are going to be finding out more about equipment and all the changes and developments for the coming season. We’ll keep our eye on the travel rules and the snow forecast.

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