Picture Organic Clothing [Bonus Episode #06]

In this Ski Podcast Special, Iain interviews Florian Palluel, Sustainability and Transparency Manager at Picture Organic Clothing.

Sustainability in the clothing industry has never been more important, with research showing it is responsible for up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of all global wastewater.

During this interview we discuss many topics including:

  • the history of the company
  • their supply chain and how they source their materials
  • why they choose to manufacture in Turkey and China rather than in France
  • what steps they are taking to reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging
  • how they are making their new offices as sustainable as possible
  • whether in the future a zero-emission ski jacket might be possible

We also mention this survey by consultancy McKinsey about consumer views on sustainable fashion.

If you’d like to find out more, you may find these two links useful:


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